Recent and upcoming Elections & Polls

Here is information about elections and polls conducted using EIP. Some of these are mock elections and some are "real". The intent is to exercise the protocol in various scenarios to document its performance and effectiveness in a variety of different settings and requirements.

World's Greatest Ice Cream (Poll)

This was a "fun" poll taken with the side agenda of introducing tokenized voting to the public at large for the first time. A live election was held in Colorado on August 22, 2023 where the public had an opportunity to try out an EIP-TC implemention of the protocol while comparing it to the hand counting of paper ballots.

Gauging Support - Fundraising (Poll)

A poll was taken to gauge candidate support during an annual "Lincoln Day Dinner" fundraiser. Attendees voted from their phones to reflect their candidates of choice.

Realtime Endorsement (Poll)

Sometimes you have to act quickly. Software companies call this working in an agile environment where normal work is planned, but having a process in place for unexpected activities is baked into the workflow. This exact situation came about in Colorado where a group of people approached party leadership with a proposal to provide for the early endorsement of a national candidate. They had enough support to call for a state-wide special election to accomplish their goal. This is an abnormal need requiring a quick turn around using a fast voting protocol with an anonymous privacy mode to be conducted remotely. This election was put together in a matter of hours and made fully available within a workday (net time).

Proposition HH (Poll)

This poll was conduced at an annual public community event held in Longmont, CO in an attempt to gauge public awarenness regarding a proposition that appeared on the ballot in an upcoming November Colorado election.

Change in Party Leadership (Election)

Preparing for a future event when leadership changes and the turn-around time to elect new leadership is prohibitively short requires an electronic solution that is fast and quickly setup. Rehearsals for these geographically disperse elections will be held to test the protocol to support this situation.

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