Recent and upcoming Elections & Polls

Here is information about elections and polls conducted using EIP. Some of these are mock elections and some are "real". The intent is to exercise the protocol in various scenarios to document its performance and effectiveness in a variety of different settings and requirements.

World's Greatest Ice Cream (Poll)

This is a "fun" poll taken with the side agenda of introducing tokenized voting to the public at large for the first time. A live election was held in Colorado on August 22, 2023 where the public had an opportunity to try out an EIP-TC implemention of the protocol while comparing it to the hand counting of paper ballots. Details are poseted in a sub menu.

Proposition HH (Poll)

This poll was conduced at an annual public community event held in Longmont, CO in an attempt to gauge public awarenness regarding a Proposition that will appear on the ballot in the upcoming November Colorado election. The propsition is an attempt to remove TABOR restrictions passed by voters years ago in exchange for an extremely small reduction in the recent enormous tax increases for Colorado residents. It's a "bait & switch" proposition. The poll was performed to gauge the public's awareness on this issue.

Change in Party Leadership (Election)

Preparing for a future event when leadership changes and the turn-around time to elect new leadership is prohibitively short, requiring an electronic solution that is fast and quickly setup. Rehearsal elections will be held to test the protocol.

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