Take Your Pick

EIP is a voting protocol that supports both hand counts and machine counts of ballots. If you follow the protocol, you will get the same results either way.

Here are the three paths you can take:

EIP-HCPB [Paper Ballots - Hand Counting]
  • Old School, tried and true
  • Resource intensive
  • Does not scale well
  • Great for small elections and for people who hate machines
EIP-MCPB [Paper Ballots - Machine Counting]
  • Most common use today
  • Supposed to be fast, but is as slow - sometimes slower - than hand counts
  • Frought with fraud opportunitie (EIP fixes this)
EIP-T* [Electronic Ballots - Machine Counting]
  • Brand new
  • Best option due to speed, cost, scalability, accuracy and security

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