1. Voter is vetted
2. Publish
Voter Eligibility Status for Election Monitors to Verify
3. Randomly assign Vote Tracking Number (VTN) / Ballot
4. Publish
VTN for Election Monitors to Verify
4. Place in envelope
5. Mail to Voter
6. Voter votes and returns completed ballot
7. Determine veracity of received ballot
8. Place in Queue for counting
9. Pull ballot(s) from queue
10. Count ballots (by hand or by machine)
11. Publish
CVR to Global Ledger for World to See (according to Dissemination Policy)
12. Add CVR and Tally
13. Voter locates their completed vote by VTN
14. Voter counts all votes themselves (optional)

eip-absentee-voting (small)

None of your information will be sold or distributed elsewhere