• Adjudication is the process of either approving or denying a remedy
  • EIP provides a clearcut set of rules for granting vote remedy
  • Adjudication should be an extremely rare occurrence
  • A high adjudication rate is a sign that something is going wrong and that an election may have to be paused until the incidence rate is reduced

Illegal Hand Counts?

  • Recent changes in California and Colorado legislation are disenfranchizing voters and pushing America toward an Orwellian future
  • Voters ought to be able to use hand count or machine count methods without this being dictated by tyranical legislatures nor executive fiats


  • Ongoing attempts to pass legislation making the use of EIP standardized and widespread


  • Architecture refers to the high-level structure of a system and the relationships between its components
  • It involves designing and organizing a system's elements to ensure they work together effectively to meet specific goals or requirements


  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V) are processes used in software engineering and system development
  • Verification ensures that the system or software adheres to specified requirements
  • Validation ensures that the product satisfies the intended use or purpose
  • The "independent" aspect means these processes are performed by individuals or teams not directly involved in the development, providing an unbiased evaluation of the product's quality and compliance

Certified Implementations

  • Systems or processes that comply with the Election Integrity Protocol are listed

System Requirements

  • System requirements refer to a detailed description of the capabilities, features, and characteristics that a system or software must possess to meet the needs of its users and stakeholders
  • These requirements typically include specifications related to hardware, software, performance, security, and other essential aspects to ensure the successful functioning of the system

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