There’s still time to save America before November!

The ballots haven't been printed yet, so

  • Register in person anew for every election with proof of citizenship (no more voter rolls)
  • Place a unique number on every ballot
  • Issue the ballot anonymously
  • Place all completed ballots on a public ledger

  • Now you can look up your own vote to audit it, and you can count the entire election yourself!

    Count the ballots by hand or machine - it doesn’t matter any more. Problem solved.
    Imagine a world where elections across the globe are free, fair and accurate

    A non-partisan public community protocol everyone can follow that provides society the ability to truly achieve timely accurate elections free from controversy - where all parties are have no choice but to accept election results because there is no way to refute them

    An election process that works with paper or machines

    An auditing platform to assess the veracity of any election

    The Platinum Standard for Election Processing world-wide

    What does it do?

    The Election Integrity Protocol is a public process that can be used for two primary tasks :
  • Conduct an election
  • Audit an election

  • —————————————————————————————————————————

    IMPLEMENTING an EIP compliant system:

    Any "paper" or electronic "machine" can be made to be fully transparent for any election by realizing the functional requirements out lined
    The option for the hand counting of paper ballots has been effectively eliminated in the state of Colorado (and California). Read how EIP allows a legal and viable remedy here.

    NOTICE :
    EIP is an agnostic protocol for everybody everywhere to use. Schools, businesses, churches, or any organization may use the protocol. So far in the political realm, only the Republican Party has shown interest in EIP. We have not heard from the Democrat Party, the Green party, the Libertarians nor any other political party. We encourage the participation of anyone, regardless of their political persuasion.
    So please
    contact us so we can spread the love!
    - To see EIP in action, participate in a
    live election!

    None of your personal information is being collected, sold or distributed anywhere